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Dyslexia Test, Learning Disabilities
Awaken the Scholar Within

Dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism Learning Programs

Make learning easier and more enjoyable.

Whether your child has ADHD, is dyslexic, has a learning disability, is falling through the cracks at school or is even gifted – make learning easier and more enjoyable using proven, step-by-step methods that actually change your brain.

Neuro-Developmental Behaviorally Based Assessment

We learn by hearing (auditory processing), seeing (visual processing), and doing (tactile kinesthetic processing). Within each of those areas there are 9 sub-areas of processing. When your child is struggling it is due to one or more areas not working as well as they could, should, and can.

Sometimes there is a slight problem, not enough of one that a teacher would necessarily even look for help with, but it is enough of a problem to make life difficult because the student gets frustrated with school work and doesn’t work up to his/her potential.

The key is to understand what may actually be a learning problem. For instance, a student might not remember what happened in the story he just read. This is usually due to a learning problem and not because they weren’t paying attention.

Take the learning disabilities / dyslexia test to see if your child should take the full comprehensive Assessment to determine the root causes of your child's learning struggles.

Learning Disabilities / Dyslexia Test

Educational Therapist Bonnie Terry

Bonnie Terry


Learning Disability Specialist, Educational Therapist

Bonnie Terry has shown hundreds of thousands of students and families the way to overcome dyslexia, ADHD, autism spectrum, handicaps and learning disabilities. She has done this through her teaching and leading-edge materials used in homes, classrooms, and teacher preparation programs around the world. She has helped children and adults of all ages to achieve unprecedented success in reading, writing, spelling and math.

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