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reading comprehension

The Comprehension Zone: Rocket Rap
Learn to read for meaning

  • Find the main idea and details
  • Sequence what you read
  • Improves reading and listening comprehension
  • Self correcting
  • Learn about the planets and historical figures

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Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

Whether students need help identifying factual information, recognizing the main idea, or sequencing information, The Comprehension Zone: Rocket Rap can help!

  • 3 Reading Levels(2nd-3rd; 4th-6th; 7th-12th grades)
  • 100 story cards
  • Content Topics: Planets and Historical Biographies
  • 2 – 4 players or 4 teams of 2 players

A Parent Says…”I Would Happily Pay Double”…

“The Comprehension Zone: Rocket Rap had amazing results for one of our children. For our child who has always struggled with comprehension, for these results, I would happily pay double. We’ve tried things similar to this in the past, we’ve been focused on this problem for years, but Rocket Rap has been the first activity that has been successful.”

Kimberly Olive, Parent

You CAN make a difference in your child’s life today! Comprehension CAN improve!

Comprehension Zone: Rocket Rap is Based on 25 Years of Research from the University of Kansas

From my hands-on experience with my kids I knew the difference it had made in their lives, but having 25 years of research behind it really validated my work.

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Read the research on
Learning Memory and the Brain

Imagine your family playing The Comprehension Zone™, sitting around the table, learning together as a family, interacting, playing, and laughing while learning. Your child will see how you find the main idea or details and be able to improve their comprehension skills by following your model. (Step-by-step hints are provided in the game for finding the main idea and details.) Homework time will become a time of pleasure. Their self-confidence and self-esteem will improve.

Don’t let your child spend another day frustrated, trying to get the meaning out of what they read. It really doesn’t have to be so-o-o hard. Once you know the secrets to reading for meaning, reading becomes an exciting adventure. You CAN make a difference in your child’s life today. Improve their reading and listening comprehension by simply playing a game. You can actually help your child while you play. And playing ultimately reduces homework stress and time and creates more family and free time.

Children that comprehend what they read have lifelong skills for success.


As with all Bonnie Terry Learning Products, The Comprehension Zone Rocket Rap comes with a 60 Day Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee.

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