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 Improve English Grammar and Improve Writing Skills

The Sentence Zone

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Improve English Grammar and Sentence Structure with a Game

Get points for building sentences! Younger kids learn they just need a blue (noun) and a red (verb) card to make a sentence while older students can build complex sentences. Visualize the English language with color coding according to the part of speech.

Does your child…

  • Come home and struggle with an English grammar assignment?
  • Write short paragraphs that contain short sentences?
  • Have trouble writing a sentence?
  • Struggle to write sentences with their spelling words?

Learn English while having fun!

  • Improve sentence writing skills
  • Understand English Grammar
  • Make English Grammar assignments easy
  • Learn the 6 basic sentence types
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Learn the parts of speech
  • Improve standardized test scores
  • Improve SAT and ACT test scores
game-based learning, Learning English Grammar Game

Research Supports Grammar Game

A few years after developing The Sentence Zone®, I attended a workshop on Sentence Writing Strategies based on the research from the University of Kansas (SIM Strategies). To my surprise, the sentence writing strategy they used was the same one I had been using with The Sentence Zone®, teaching the 6 basic sentence types. This was so cool to me because now there was years of research backing up my work, my game.

Read about the SIM Strategies

Read about the research on Learning Memory and the Brain


Game Details

For 2 to 6 players.

Rules are easily Mastered.

Can be played at six levels – from Level 1 in which the player builds a subject and verb sentence, to Level 6 in which the player builds complex sentences with independent and dependent clauses.

With over 700 color coded cards, sentences are sure to be unique and entertaining every time.

A great reinforcing individual grammar activity where a player keeps track of their score from day to day, trying to top their previous score, or a great group activity where competition drives creativity and learning.

The Sentence Zone® is an instructive and enjoyable way to shatter the tedium of English grammar lessons!


I wasn’t sure if this game would work with my students since they don’t read well yet. I didn’t think my students would be able to play it. It would be way too difficult. But, Bonnie asked me to try it out so I did. To my amazement, the students not only played it and played it well, they wouldn’t leave until I promised them they could play it again the next day! Thanks Bonnie for pushing me to try your game. It’s really making a difference with my students!

Susan, ESL Teacher 1st/2nd grade

My five youngest played this together. Everyone could create their sentence at the same time. This created a bit more competition, as they saw their sibling’s sentence grow longer, they added more to their own. My twelve year old won the round with the sentence,”The sinister dragon ran swiftly to retrieve a map.” My favorite was from my eight year old. Here is her silly sentence, “The toe ate a pizza and a dinosaur.” When told by her siblings that toes cannot eat, she replied that it was a sentence from a Science Fiction story and in her world, toes could eat. I love it!


There are so many ways you be creative with this grammar game and learn while having fun. It’s a simple game but I’m impressed with how well it worked with my family. I really like this product. I will use it for my family and it will make a wonderful addition to our grammar program. whether you are a homeschooler or not, you will enjoy adding this grammar game to your family activities and help your children discover the parts of speech and learn English grammar in a fun manner.

I think we’ll be playing more games with The Sentence Zone, as my daughter is great at picking words but hasn’t much of a clue about parts of speech. After her little sister and I had played only a few rounds, Little Sister was advising on what piles to search through for words. “Dragon, that’s a noun, look in the dark blue pile. Call is a verb…” Youngest, too, is enjoying the game, along with the novelty of knowing more than her older sister about something!


You can use The Sentence Zone with very young children, using the most basic building blocks (articles, nouns, verbs) to come up with the simplest of sentences and adding more categories (adjectives, adverbs) as they grow more confident. It has lots and lots of words for building. It is easily adaptable for my beginning reader and my older kids.


SAT Prep Coach Uses The Sentence Zone for Improving Grammar Section Scores

Patricia Lara, a coach for high school students preparing to take the SAT, started using the game to teach an understanding of English grammar: parallel sentence structure and the role of interrupting phrases. The students loved it and really understood sentence structure for the first time. And, their SAT grammar scores started rising.

Improve English Grammar and Improve Writing Skills

The Sentence Zone

60-day, money back guarantee. Return policy.

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