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Math Help

Math Program
Math Help for Dyslexic Kids, ADHD Kids, Learning Disabled, Dyscalculia Kids, or Autistic Kids

Why Is Learning Math Important?

You know math is important and that the inability to do math accurately can hold your child back in life. Math is one of those life skills used in cooking, room organization, money management, writing checks, building, remodeling, sewing, and more! Math is often especially difficult for those with dyslexia, auditory processing problems, or learning disabilities to master.

Questions to Ask About Learning Math

Don’t ‘like’ to learn math? Don’t ‘understand’ math? Don’t remember math facts?
Don’t solve word problems easily? Does your child come home with a math homework assignment and avoid it?

Your child is NOT alone. In fact, according to the 2013 report by the National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP Nation’s Report Card), more than 65% of 4th graders and 8th graders are not proficient in math and 12th grade students still leave high school without the proficiency in math skills needed to succeed in college and a career.

ASW Math Program Provides More than Math Help…

Problems with learning math are typically caused by one or more areas of perception that impact learning. In this ASW Program, you address those areas and at the same time learn the missing skills in 20 minutes a day with simple activities.

  • 17 Week Program
  • 30 Audio and Video Lessons
  • 5 Books
  • 1 Game
  • 1 Guide
  • 1st Grade – Adult
  • This program covers…
  • Auditory Processing
  • Visual Processing
  • Kinesthetic Processing
  • Math Calculations
  • Math Word Problems
  • Fractions, Decimals, Beginning Algebra

$597.00 Buy Now

Visual processing affects math skills

Addition, Subtraction
Multiplication, Division
Make a ‘mind picture’ of the problem
Sequence information
Sees the patterns
Summarize information
Formulate associations
Classify information
Discern similarities and differences
Remember math facts
Memory of steps to solve problems
Gain meaning from numbers
Analyze steps of math problems
Solve word problems
Copy problems accurately
Keep columns straight
Read what you’ve written

Auditory processing affects math skills

Apply math instruction
Mental math
Follow oral directions with written work
Note taking
Categorize information
Take notes on math steps
Draw pictures of oral math problems
Associate and classify information
Comprehend oral information
Follow oral directions
Stay focused
Find similarities and differences auditorily
Speaking clearly
Classify and associate sets
Explain the steps of a problem
Solves word problems
Draw conclusions
Make inferences

Tactile/Kinesthetic processing affects math skills

Solve calculations
Solve word problems
Understand fractions
Sequential order
Follow oral directions
Follow written directions
Number Sense
Organize math notes
Uses math facts
Sees math relationships
Spatial awareness
Writes numbers in proper columns
Understands area and perimeter
Organizes patterns, geometric shapes
Gross motor skills
Follow directions and routines
Self regulation/maintaining attention
Measures accurately
Fine motor skills
Stable pencil grip
Draws accurate shapes
Complete math assignments

What Parent’s Say…

“You’ve done it again…the ASW Math Program is making learning math easy. My son is using the methods you show us and now getting 100%’s on his math papers. Thanks so much!”

Ruth W, FL

“Love the ‘coloring book’ fraction lessons! Fractions have never been so easy for my daughter! She used to struggle with fractions so much and NOW she really gets fractions!”

Amanda P, CO

“Math papers before…50%, lucky to get 60%! Math papers after 90% to 100%. Need I say more! Thank you so much!”

Jenna L., ID

Math Help for Dyslexic Kids, ADHD Kids, Learning Disabled, Dyscalculia Kids, or Autistic Kids is Here!

This ASW Math Program is Specifically Designed to Improve the Learning Skills That Are Holding You or Your Child Back!

  • Don’t ‘like’ to learn math?
  • Don’t ‘understand’ math?
  • Does your child come home with a math homework assignment and can’t wait to do it?

If your child is anything like my children are, they come home and avoid their math assignments. They put it off as long as possible, and then, when they finally get down to doing it, they need my help.

My kids are great at saying, “I understood it in class mom; I just can’t remember how to do it now that I’m home.”

learning mathWhat if Your Kids Could Learn Math Easily?

  • What if you could watch over and over again how to do the math lesson?
  • What if you could always have 100% accuracy with math calculations?
  • What if you could solve word problems easily?
  • What if fractions, of decimals, or percents were easy for your kids?

There is a way for math to be easy!

As an educational therapist and learning disability specialist for over 35 years, I have taught thousands of kids both reading and math. And because my students are really struggling with learning I had to find a variety of methods to use that would actually work for them. You know as well as I do that doing more of the same isn’t going to help your kids learn when they have no idea of how to do it in the first place. What that does is just lead to frustration. When you are having trouble with learning math the best thing I have found to do it to get math help that uses different methods for doing the calculations or the word problems or whatever the math concept is.

math help, learning math, learn mathSo, after years of research, years of seminars, years of trial and error with my students, I’ve pulled together what I have found works for struggling math students. In our ASW Math Program, I’ve put together lessons, learning math video lessons, where I teach you step-by-step how to do all of the basic math you need from 1st grade level thru 8th grade and more. The methods I teach will give you accuracy in your calculations as long as you follow the process. I also provide you with all the materials you need to succeed in basic math skills. (Grades 1 and up)

Achieve results in just 20 minutes a day:  includes 15 Core Lessons and 2 Bonus Lessons, over 30 mp4 videos, the BT Easy Math Reference Guide, The Math Zone Card Game, Super Spacers, ‘Coloring Book’ Fraction Books, and more!

The Awaken the Scholar Within Math Program lessons are for…

Kids and or adults who have always struggled with math, homeschooling families who have kids of various ages  at different math levels, and anyone who wants to approach math with greater confidence.  I cover all basic math skills in a step-by-step approach. The ASW Math Program gives you the foundation you need to be successful at all levels from basic computation to algebra and beyond.math game

The ASW Math Program includes:

math help, learn math, learning math

Today is the day that math becomes easy! Enroll in the ASW Math Program today to learn math with accuracy and ease!

Awaken the Scholar Within Math Program

  • 15 CORE Lessons; 2 Bonus Lessons
  • Over 30 mp4 Videos
  • Math mp4 Video Lessons Valued at $2150.00
  • Materials – books, games, & guide valued at $75.00

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